For the Love of Stones

Gemstones come in every size, shape and wonderful colour, let your imagination go wild and indulge your love of colour and style with a stone set piece of jewellery. Brighten your day with a rainbow of stones or wow with a fancy cut statement ring, the world of gemstones is your oyster. Which is your favourite? Contact us to start your personal piece.

Sterling Silver Amethyst and Diamond Statement Ring
This amethyst has an unusual spiral cut that draws the eye down through the stone, set with a round brilliant diamond it is definitely a statement!.

9ct Red Gold and Black Spinel Necklace and Earrings Set
The combination of red gold and black stones is a classic and is perfect for everyday wear and goes with everything.

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Necklace and Earrings Set
Upside down pear cut stones set in silver.

Recycled Gold And Diamond 5 Twist Strand Ring
This ring started life as a few different inherited rings that were carefully dismantled and re-worked into one sentimental ring using every bit of the metal and stones.

Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold Set Blue Topaz
An emerald cut blue topaz is set in an open work 18ct yellow gold setting on a plain silver band.

18ct Yellow Gold and Round Brilliant Cut Citrine Ring
The warm yellow stone is set in a rub over setting with a burnished edge. The rest of the ring has a frosted affect that shows off the warm tone of the yellow gold and compliments the colour of the citrine.

18ct White Gold and Garnet Ring
The cushion cut garnet is a beautiful purple/pink/maroon colour that is allowed to shine due to the simple claw setting.

Sterling Silver Green Quartz and Black Spinel Ring
An asymetric ring that balances the lightness of the sparkly pale green oval quartz with the darkness of the black spinels.

Sterling Silver Amazonite Earrings
Cabochon turquoise colour stones set in double edge silver studs.

Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite Earrings
Cabochon pink colour stones set in double edge silver studs.

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Ring
Another fancy cut stone that is displayed in a silver double edge setting, the beautiful blue works so well with the silver.

Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire Twist Ring
Perfect for everyday wear on any finger and can be made with any stone.

Sterling Silver And Pale Green Tourmaline Ring
Trillion cut pale green stone set in a rub over silver setting on a split band.

Sterling Silver Pyrope Garnet Ring
Round brilliant cut deep red garnet in a double edge silver ring.

Sterling Silver Ametrine Ring
This gorgeous stone, a combination of amethyst and citrine, is set in a textured ring that is a statement but can be worn every day.

Sterling Silver And 9ct Red Gold Garnet And Black Diamond Ring
A delicate ring that shows off the unusual trillion cut champagne garnet set in 9ct red gold and the black diamonds on a delicate silver band.

Sterling Silver Green Tourmaline Ring
Set in a simple modern setting the amazing jade green colour is the focal point of this ring.

Silver Citrine Bangle
Sterling silver and citrine cuff bangle. Another inherited stone that has been given a new lease of life.

Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings
Sterling silver and moonstone drop earrings. These gorgeous iridescent moonstone look amazing in these long earrings.

Amethyst spinner ring
Sterling silver and cabochon amethyst spinner ring. With spinner rings the possible combinations of stones and patterned bands are endless.

Silver Citrine Ring
Sterling silver and citrine. Stones don’t always come in symmetrical shapes, this free form citrine makes the most of the gorgeous golden colour.

Silver and Aquamarine Ring
Sterling silver and aquamarine ring. This personal double infinity ring was commissioned for a twin’s sister.

Emerald and Diamond Ring
18ct white gold emerald and diamond cluster ring. This is a slight twist on the traditional cluster ring as we needed to fit in some extra diamonds.

Opal And Diamond Ring
Remodelled yellow gold and opal ring. Sentimental jewellery was combined to make this beautiful ring.

Multi Stone Ring
Multi stone cocktail/biker ring. Amethyst, green tourmaline, garnet and spinel all combine to make one statement ring.

Tourmaline Silver Pendant
Sterling silver, tourmaline and diamond pendant. Tourmaline comes in such a range of colours and this an amazing example.

Rose Gold And Diamond Ring
9ct rose gold wide wedding band set with diamonds. This was a rework of an engagement ring and wedding ring into a more modern design.

Yellow Gold And Ruby Ring
Remodelled 18ct yellow gold and ruby ring. Another old fashioned style ring reworked into a more modern and wearable ring.

Lapis Ring
9ct rose gold set lapis lazuli on a Sterling silver band. The bright blue pops out of this simple but classic ring.

White Gold And Ruby Ring
9ct white gold and ruby pendant. This pendant was commissioned for a ruby wedding anniversary gift.

Yellow Gold And Diamond Pendant
9ct yellow gold and diamond pendant. Simple, classic and wearable every day.

Silver And Diamond Drop Earrings
Sterling silver, 18ct white gold and diamond drop earrings. These started off as stud earrings but were reworked into drop earrings to be more wearable.

Silver And Green Tourmaline Ring
Sterling silver and green tourmaline ring. This is a remake of a costume jewellery ring, that can now been worn forever.

Silver Tanzanite Drop Earrings
Sterling silver and tanzanite drop earrings. Tanzanite are unique in their colour and beauty, and these earrings show them off perfectly.

Synthetic Ruby Lips Ring
18ct yellow gold and synthetic ruby lips ring. Such an unusual shape stone but it works so well in the bright yellow of the 18ct ring.

Blue Topaz Ring And Pendant
Sterling silver blue topaz pendant and ring set. These stones were bought in Sri Lanka whilst travelling and can now be worn as a memento of the trip.

Silver Sea Glass Pendant
Sterling silver and sea glass pendant. This heart shaped pendant just shows something doesn’t need to be worth a lot of money to be valuable.

Silver And Green Sapphire Ring 
Sterling silver and green sapphire ring. This stone was chosen from a selection and set into this simple and beautiful ring.

Yellow Gold And Diamond Ring
Remodelled yellow gold and diamond ring. This ring is a combination of several older rings that that can now be worn as one.

Morganite 9ct White Gold Ring
9ct white and rose gold ring with peachy morganite. Another twist on a traditional design with a textured, organic band.

Sapphire And Diamond Ring 
Remodelled yellow gold sapphire and diamond ring. An old fashioned ring reimagined into a more modern, wearable ring, with nothing extra added.

Silver And CZ Ring
Sterling silver and yellow CZ ring. Cubic Zirconia are underrated and this gorgeous sparkling yellow stone is a prime example.

Clare is a magician with Jewellery! A family ring, which had been passed down had definitely seen better days. Across the Courtyard did wonders with my diamond in the rough! Couldn’t recommend a better jeweller for this task ladies and gents

Valerie — Happy Customer

Looking for something unique?

You won't find mass-produced, high-street pieces here. We design and create unique jewellery tailored to you. If you have something in mind get in touch to discuss how we can make truly special jewellery just for you.

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