Wedding & Engagement Jewellery

After more than 15 years working in the jewellery trade, there aren’t many styles of engagement or wedding ring that I haven’t seen or made! Together, we can come up with your perfect design, whether it is traditional, unique or totally out-there. Choose your stone, your metal and your finish, all to create rings you will wear and love for the rest of your life. I also create jewellery to compliment your wedding oufit and your wedding party’s outfits  – the perfect gifts to say thank you for being part of your special day.

Silver And Rose Gold Russian Style Band
Sterling silver and rose gold Russian style ring. Perfect for everyday style, can be worn on any finger.

Silver Tractor Charm
Sterling silver tractor charm. How cute is this?!

Silver Owl Pin
Sterling silver owl pin. Who said pins had to be boring? Not this cute owl.

Silver Charm Necklace
Sterling silver charm necklace. This can be added to or mix and matched.

Silver And Copper Dog Tag
Sterling silver and copper dog tag. One lucky and spoilt pooch got this as a Christmas gift!

Silver Pawprints Pin
Sterling silver paw print pin. These two paw prints represent two beloved dogs.

Gold Flower Bracelet
Remodelled yellow gold flower bracelet. Created using sentimental gold and a new diamond.

Silver And Yellow Gold Bangle
Remodelled silver and yellow gold bangle. Openwork circle bangle made using sentimental and unworn jewellery.

Silver Maui Hook Necklace
Sterling silver Maui hook necklace. Commissioned for a traveller to remember his time away, on a rubber thong.

Silver Rings Necklace
Sterling silver three ring pendant. Each ring is a different size and finish to represent the three members of a family.

9ct White Gold Stud Earrings
9ct white gold stud earrings. The brief was create some beautiful simple every day stud earrings.

Gold Flower Pendant
 Remodelled yellow gold flower necklace. Created using sentimental gold and diamond.

Wedding rings
18ct white and yellow gold wedding bands. Completely different to each other but perfectly suited.

Gold Pineapple Necklace
18ct yellow gold pineapple pendant. This quirky pendant has a secret compartment.

Rough Silver Wedding Ring
Sterling silver wedding ring. A rough and textured wedding band. A twist on the traditional.

Silver And Welsh Gold Wedding Rings
Remodelled silver and welsh gold wedding bands. Reworked using the original metal that no longer worked for the couple.

Silver Spinner Ring
Sterling silver spinner ring. Personalised with holly leaves on the spinning centre band.

Double Silver Ring
Sterling silver double band ring. An unusual design that sits down low on the finger.

Silver Holly Stud Earrings And Necklace Set
Sterling silver holly stud earrings and necklace set. Perfect for everyday wear.

Clare is a magician with Jewellery! A family ring, which had been passed down had definitely seen better days. Across the Courtyard did wonders with my diamond in the rough! Couldn’t recommend a better jeweller for this task ladies and gents

Valerie — Happy Customer

Looking for something unique?

You won't find mass-produced, high-street pieces here. We design and create unique jewellery tailored to you. If you have something in mind get in touch to discuss how we can make truly special jewellery just for you.

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